Projects that applied to the UK Tech for Good Fund (2016-17)


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141 projects


Providing informationSkillsStronger communitiesbeneficiariesoffendersAppMobile app

RISE is committed to making communities safer. We provide rehabilitation programmes all over...

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Brighton Oasis Project

Providing supportWomen and girlsbeneficiariessubstance misusepeople with addictionApp

Established women-centred substance misuse service, Brighton Oasis Project, will partner with...

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Community Resources for Change

Finding servicesStronger communitiesresidentsbeneficiariesApp

CommunityConnect will transform access to support services, ensuring people get the help they...

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Best Beginnings

Providing informationChildren and young peoplebeneficiariesparentsApp

We're a national charity committed to breaking down health inequalities and giving every UK baby...

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Women On Purpose

Providing informationWomen and girlsbeneficiarieswomen and girlsApp

The Friend In Need App aims to provide a self-help tool for vulnerable, marginalised and abused...

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Ceres Europe (NI) Ltd


We want Q Park to be a hub for digital certificates, as a means of making certifications a...

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Technology Trust


We want to save charities time and effort by making it much easier to find the most useful tech...

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Baby Point

directoryDirectoryAppparentsbeneficiariesChildren and young people

As a new mum I struggled to get out of my house, filled with anxiety and unsure of the dos and...

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The Chrysalis Foundation


The Chrysalis Programme is an innovative six week, face-to-face, module based, personal...

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Children and young peoplebeneficiariesSmart cardIncentiveschildren and young people

V*inspired will develop a new product for volunteers in England aged 14-30 to log their...

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Plymouth Music Zone

NetworkShowcaseStronger communitiesbeneficiariesisolated peopleSocial MediaVirtual Reality

PMZ believes in a world where no one feels lefts out or lonely. A 17 year outstanding...

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paymentsStronger communitiesbeneficiariesworking familiesSmart cardProviding servicesfamilies

QuidsIn is the first digital payment card scheme for people on low incomes, increasing financial...

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Refugee Live

Providing informationbeneficiariesMigrationrefugeeswebinarsTrainingcontentPlatformmigrants and refugees

Refugee Live is a start up charity that will provide high-quality webinars and online resources...

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Open sourceCreate resourcePlatformorganisations

Oblong will work with our partners Compucorp to develop CiviBooking, a module within the open...

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University College London (UCL)

AdviceprofessionalsHealth and wellbeingProviding informationMobile app

Aim: to improve newborn survival in low-income settings, using Malawi as a test site. Delivery:...

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ChatHealth and wellbeingbeneficiariesdeaf peoplepeople with health conditionChat

SignHealth's BSL Healthy Minds is the UK's first and only (NHS accredited) Psychological Therapy...

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Community First

Stronger communitiesFinding serviceslocal peopleDirectoryHealth and wellbeingApppublic

Deliver Social Prescribing online brokerage app/tool Scalable solution based on the...

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Remade in Edinburgh

AppStronger communitiesbusinessesDirectoryFinding opportunitiespublicorganisations

Remade in Edinburgh is a multi-award winning social enterprise teaching repair skills in...

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DePaul UK

Finding servicesprofessionalsStronger communitiesbeneficiariesApphomeless people

Nightstop aims to help the 500+ young people who rough sleep every night find a safe place to...

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Sonder Radio

LonelinessHealth and wellbeingbeneficiariesolder peopleReduce IsolationcontentRadio

Sonder Radio aims to improve health and wellbeing whilst reducing isolation through needs based...

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The Women's Organisation

beneficiariesWomen and girlsAdviceProviding supportwomen and girlsEvent

'Digi Squad' aims to empower women and girls in digital entrepreneurship. Elements: * Engagement...

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Bristol Braille Technology CIC

Hardwareblind peopleProvide toolHealth and wellbeingbeneficiariespeople with health condition

We will help reverse the decline in blind literacy with a radical new Braille ereader, designed...

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Social Finance Ltd

older peopleAppStronger communitiesSharingProviding servicesbeneficiaries

Where would we be if we couldn't get to the shops, the doctor, to see friends? Too many older...

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South West Family Support

children and young peopleChildren and young peopleAppfamiliesbeneficiarieschildrenSelf-assessment

We are an outcomes-focused charity supporting children and their families to make positive and...

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Year Here

SkillsteachersAppmigrants and refugeesDigital exclusionEducationmigrantsprofessionalsbeneficiariesMigration

MIGR8-M8 is an app designed to tackle the language barriers and digital exclusion faced by...

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Leonard Cheshire DIsability

beneficiariesPortalPortalHealth and wellbeingpeople with disabilities

There are 70 million persons with disabilities in India but only 1 million are employed, as they...

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TitheBarn Giving Fund

Platformpublicweb appOpen sourceStronger communitiesAPIFinding opportunitiesApp

TitheBarn is a platform to help engage people with the causes they care about and encourage...

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Equal Arts

beneficiariesCRMEngagementcontentLonelinessolder people

Creative Friends aims to alleviate loneliness and isolation by matching older people together...

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Bromley by Bow Centre

women and girlsbeneficiarieswomenmigrants and refugeesAppFinding serviceseslWomen and girls

Being independent is extremely hard if English is not your first language topped with the lack...

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Momentum World CIC

augmented realityProviding services3d printingStronger communitiespublic

Using tech to transform how communities connect with their heritage. Building...

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Projects For All

beneficiariesProviding technologyHardwareKioskMigrationrefugeesmigrants and refugees

Since the start of the war in Syria, more than 4.8 million people have fled the violence in...

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older peopleHealth and wellbeingbeneficiariesSharingSocial MediaFinding opportunities

Creating new connections with volunteer 'befrienders' is proven to reduce loneliness amongst...

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single parentsPeer supportbeneficiariesSocial MediaStronger communitiesfamilies

Early support can be critical for the 300,000 parents who separate annually. Financial...

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AppwebsiteAdviceOnline CommunityChildren and young peoplePeer supportbeneficiarieshomeless people

Young people who have been homeless are at high risk of becoming homeless again; they lack the...

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chipchase house pip programme percy hedley foundation

residentsbeneficiariesSelf-helpPeer supportStronger communities

PIP programme - next 3 years The programme will have to change and develop to ensure the...

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Yorkshire Mentoring

womencontentbeneficiariesWomen and girlsOnline CommunityOpen sourceTrainingwomen and girls

#iFEMALE takes an unique, disruptive approach to empowering digital identity work with women on...

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Lifeline Project

Health and wellbeingpeople with addictionProviding servicesbeneficiariesApp

Lifeline supports people recovering from drug/alcohol addiction, providing face-to-face...

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Knowle West Media Centre

ReportingHealth and wellbeingCrowdsourcingData gatheringpublicHardwarePlatformcitizens

The impacts on health and well-being from living in a damp home remain poorly understood by...

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Social Finance Ltd

publicAppStronger communitiesOpportunitiesSharingProviding informationwebsite

Parks are vital public assets, but due to funding pressure we need to community support to...

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St Giles Trust

AppbeneficiariesChildren and young peopleyoung peoplechildren and young peopleProviding information

Thousands of young people are excluded from the workforce because of criminal convictions and...

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well-good water aid CIC

websiteChildren and young peopleSkillsgamebeneficiarieschildren and young peopleEducation

Well-good aims to simultaneously build self-esteem and instil charitable values in pupils, aid...

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Park View Project

VideoorganisationsBefriendingwebsiteChatStronger communities

We are a digital based project that adopts a community co-design approach. Members have created...

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Streetwork UK

homeless peopleProviding servicesFinding opportunitiesSharingStronger communitiesPlatformbeneficiariesDirectory

ShareClever is a sharing platform for individuals and businesses to share their spare food with...

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The Wayfinder Group CIC

Women and girlswebsiteAdvicePlatformwomen and girlsbeneficiaries

The self-confident woman's digital hub: A vibrant, interactive advice/support platform that...

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Common Vision (CoVi)

WikiDeliberationpublicStronger communities

Common Vision (CoVi) is an independent, non-partisan think tank. We use creative and...

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Bath Carers Enterprises Ltd

PlatformHealth and wellbeingcarersFinding opportunitiesOpen sourcebeneficiaries

We know that people thrive when they can use their own strengths and skills to improve their own...

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Citizens Advice and Rights Fife

Providing servicesbeneficiariesChatMobile appAdvicepeople in povertyStronger communities

CARF intends to utilise our existing digital platform to launch a mobile application which can...

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Digital for Good

PlatformwebsiteorganisationsStronger communitiesvoluntary organisationsAdvicePeer support

HelponTap provides small local charities - 80% of the sector yet 'digitally neglected' - a...

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Smart School Councils

Children and young peopleAppbeneficiariesteachersOrganisingweb appprofessionalsDemocracystudents

Our objective is to build a Class Meeting Web App. This supports students in every class/form to...

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The Blair Project

beneficiariesOnline courseChildren and young peopleLearningchildren and young peopleyoung people

The Blair Project uses a powerful combination of motorsport STEM and digital manufacturing to...

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First Asian Support Trust (FAST)

women and girlsbmeWomen and girlsbeneficiarieswomenbmeAppAppEducation

Our objective is to help vulnerable BME women gain access to the valuable support they need to...

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Social Spider CIC

publicProviding informationAdviceAppLegal advice

Advice First Aid Kit will be a mobile phone app individuals will download and install 'just in...

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Recovery Enterprises

Health and wellbeingmental healthMental HealthLearningOpen sourcebeneficiariesDirectory

Based on insights gained from co-creating Sheffield Flourish Digital Well-being Hub, we aim to...

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in2recovery CIC

PlatformCampaignpeople with addictionHealth and wellbeingbeneficiaries

Addiction, in all its forms, is a major public health issue. Currently the web is dominated by...

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migrants and refugeesProviding informationbeneficiariesmigrantsAdviceMigrationwebsite

We aim to update our current website, which helps ESOL learners in Newham find English classes....

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The Mullany Fund

TrainingHealth and wellbeingMentoringwebsiteprofessionalsPortalclinical staff

61% of medics are privately educated compared to 7% of the UK population ( ref 1). Our vision is...

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Halo Project Charity

Appvictims of forced marriagebeneficiariesAdviceWomen and girlsvictims of abuseProviding information

Our aim is to extend nationally, a local information service to victims of forced marriage,...

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Adoption UK

adoptive familiesfamiliesChildren and young peopleAdviceSurveybeneficiaries

Adoption for children who cannot live with their birth families is hugely beneficial, but most...

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Echo Ventures C.I.C.

SkillsSharingcommunityLonelinessPlatformStronger communitiespublic

Echo uses an online platform to stimulate offline connectivity, tackling inequality and...

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Campaign Academy

Stronger communitiescampaignersvolunteersPeer supportTrainingPlatform

The Everyday Activism Campaigning Toolbox will give people the skills and confidence to build...

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Spice Innovations

residentsPlatformcommunity residentsbeneficiariesStronger communitiesConnecting peopleApp

Spice wants to build an online/app based Time Currency trading platform to scale its award...

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Jarokelo Public Benefit Association

Stronger communitieswebsitebeneficiariesUser reportingAppresidents

"Happy Hamlets" aims to build stronger communities by helping residents to map and solve street...

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Foundation School of Martial Arts

Women and girlsOnline coursebeneficiarieswomen and girlsLearningTraining

Foundation Code aims to address the lack of diversity in the technology industry by delivering...

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Stronger communitiesData gatheringwebsiteMeasuring needpublic

StreetPoint is software which has been developed in answer the UN's question: How can we help...

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Tower Hamlets Community Transport

organisationsStronger communitiesConnecting organisationswebsitePlatformmarketplace

Transport Together provides an online marketplace (web site) which will maximise affordable...

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Bridges Self Management Limited

people with health conditionProviding informationHealth and wellbeingAppbeneficiaries

Millions of people in the UK living with health conditions such as stroke or brain injury don't...

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Little Angel Theatre

beneficiariesChildren and young peopleVideochildrenContent provisionchildren and young peopleMedia

Little Angel Theatre aims to present world-class puppetry on stage, off stage and, IN THE...

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Help on Your Doorstep

Health and wellbeingwebsiteText MessageData gatheringresidentsbeneficiariesCRMEmail

Objective: * To deliver a technological solution that allows the communication of...

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The Well

beneficiariessmartphoneHealth and wellbeingAdviceApppeople with addiction

Warrior Down facilitates people in abstinence-based recovery to benefit from the lived...

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Shelter Scotland

Providing informationbeneficiariesAppAdviceHomelessnesshomeless people

The 'I need help' button idea came first in a housing and homelessness hackathon. Shelter...

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FabLab Belfast

HackingTrainingbeneficiariesHealth and wellbeingDesignpeople with disabilities

ADPAT Lab is a project that will involve 10 disabled participants as designers gaining real...

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Extern Works

migrants and refugeesMigrationrefugeesbeneficiarieswebinarsTraining

Open Doors Project To be able to offer e-learning options to Refugees within the greater...

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Action For Children

Children and young peoplebeneficiariesAdviceadviceparentsApp

First Steps is a digital tool which will transform the way we work with parents. Instead of pen...

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Safer Together / HARV

victims of domestic abuseWomen and girlsAppProvide supportbeneficiariesvictims of abuse

Domestic Abuse victims at the point of crisis need support immediately, not four days later...

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Health and wellbeingbeneficiariespatientspeople with health conditionPlatformProviding support

Currently leading a not-for-profit digital health group connecting healthcare innovators in...

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Social Life

Providing informationStronger communitiesbeneficiaries3D mappingresidentsVisualisation

We will develop a 3D collaborative mapping tool that will activate and connect residents to...

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ChatProviding servicesSocial MediaAdvicePlatformStronger communitiesCloudorganisationsMachine learning

Vulnerable people are increasingly reliant on non-profits for support. In the UK 1,000 helplines...

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University of Hull

websiteWomen and girlsProviding informationpregnant womenbeneficiariespeople with health conditionEducation

About 15% of pregnant women experience distress, including anxiety and depression. This can have...

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Mpower People CIC

teachersAppEducationChildren and young peopleprofessionalsLearning

Not everyone has a natural grasp of number based information; people who don't are often...

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Queer Media

MediaWorkshoplgbt peopleLGBTbeneficiaries

Queer Media is a not for profit who wishes to apply to take our MobDoc - LGBT mobile filmmaking...

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Stronger communitiesfind opportunitiesorganisationvolunteersAdvicePlatformmobile

Valla is a mobile application that connects local volunteers with the individuals, charities and...

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Platformpeople with health conditionHealth and wellbeingAppbeneficiariespeople with dementiaProviding services

MemoryTracks are the songs held in the memories of everyone. Songs heard at an early age, or...

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TrainingPlatformHumanitarian workprofessionalsVideoaid workers

Mission Ready is an immersive digital humanitarian security training platform which enables...

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Unreported.World Community Interest Co


Our objective is global education through information sharing by those who struggle to have a...

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Women's Aid

Peer supportWomen and girlswomenAppwomen and girlsEducationAdvicebeneficiariesCrowdsourcing

Young women frequently seek validation to help them identify what is "normal" or abusive...

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Tech For Good Live

Health and wellbeingAppbeneficiariespeople with health conditionProviding servicesPlatformpatients

Medication mismanagement results in preventable deaths and costs the NHS huge sums of money each...

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Step up to Serve

Data gatheringyoung peopleDirectoryShowcasechildren and young peoplebeneficiariesChildren and young people

Horizon is a free online tool which aims to create a comprehensive picture of where young people...

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